Everyday is Deal Day: Losing “The Weekend” Mentality

I spoke with a salesperson the other day and we got
to talking about email, follow-up calls, and the sales process in general.

“I get thirty percent less email on Friday than I do
the other four days,” he told me. 
“Monday it’s playing catch-up and Thursday people are already thinking
about the weekend.”

And what about Friday?

“Friday they’ve already checked out.”

The Weekend Mentality still exists, even in this
economy.  I’m sure there are many
workers that are picking up the slack for their laid off colleagues, as well as
salespeople who are making more calls and planning face-to-face meetings.  But sadly, they may be in the minority because the workforce is full of employees who are laughing at Dilbert (when the
joke is about them) and planning for the weekend.

Like most people I’m thankful when Friday arrives,
but I like to believe that I do not possess that frivolous TGIF attitude.  The people who use TGIF in emails and
conversations (and don’t you hate when it’s used in conversation?) are those
people who don’t like what they do for a living.  Like some people, I look forward to the weekend so I can
rest and recharge my battery.

It might be time to pipe some new music throughout the
office, time to substitute the business equivalent of ADD for EIDD:  Everyday is Deal Day.  And it all starts with the individual,
from management on down.  It
doesn’t have to be difficult either. 
After all, we’re not separating church and state here, we’re just separating
days of the week and the mentality that’s attributed to particular days.  (Hello, Friday!)

catch up, Thursday mind wandering, Friday check out—that leaves only Tuesday
and Wednesday.  That’s surely not
going to cut it, not if you’re shooting for greatness.  Case in point:  Kobe Bryant.  Do you think Kobe says to himself, “Ah, this is the Nets and
it’s only a regular season game, let me just practice some new moves, yuk it up with Jack Nicholson.”?  Not a chance.  He takes each game seriously.  He builds on each and every game as it gets closer to the playoffs.  If Kobe and his
teammates don’t put in the hard work during the regular season then they can
kiss the playoffs good-bye.  Get the golf clubs out.

same can be said about sales.  How
can you make deals if you have a Monday-morning catch-up mentality?  If by Friday you’re already checked

golfers like to talk about taking it one shot at a time, especially if they’re
in the hunt.  They try not to get
ahead of themselves and dream about holding up the trophy on Sunday when it’s
only Thursday morning.

be thankful if I never hear or see TGIF again.