Bounce-back Coupons Bring Business Into Your Business


Customers aren’t just looking for deals these days, they expect them.  Even people who never thought about clipping a coupon are now searching for special discounts. 

Bounce-back coupons are an interesting twist on the traditional coupon because they can only be used on a return visit.  Now, when I go to to my favorite discount shoe store, they usually toss a 10 percent off coupon in the bag for use on my next visit. Doesn’t excite me too much.  I’m usually shopping the 60 and 70 percent off ranks anyway, but it’s also what I’d call ho-hum marketing. 

But here’s an interesting twist on the bounce-back coupon.  A neighborhood restaurant took the concept, spiced it up and created a sensational marketing strategy that worked.  During the holidays, the restaurant handed out sealed envelopes to customers.   Each envelope contained a gift coupon ranging from a free appetizer to a group party.  Now, here’s where it gets interesting.  You couldn’t open your envelope until you brought it back in January — a historically slow month in the restaurant business. 

My husband and I ate there several times and collected three envelopes.  Each return visit in January, we brought one of our envelopes with us, excited to see what we’d won.  Although we didn’t win anything big, the restaurant did.  The intrique they created with a simple bounce-back coupon brought business back to their business and kept their tables comfortably filled. 

The same old, same old, doesn’t work anymore, but creative twists can be big hits.  Sign up for my free text tips for more ideas:  35350 with BIZ in the subject line.