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Harry McCracken

Harry Mccraken

As a journalist, blogger, and observer of the tech industry, Harry McCracken has few equals. Currently the founder and editor in chief of Technologizer.com -- one of the Web's most highly-regarded technology blogs -- and a columnist for TIME.com, he's been covering the technology beat "for an absurdly long time."

Harry got his start more than 30 years ago, when he used his dad's TRS-80 Model I computer to go online using a 300-bps modem. The first words he wrote about computers were for his TRS-80 users' group's newsletter circa 1980; the first ones he got paid for were in Creative Computing magazine in 1982. In 1991, Harry began writing about technology full-time. That includes a nearly 14-year gig at PC World, where he won numerous awards and rose to serve as Editorial Director of both the magazine and the website.

Harry has also appeared as a technology expert on venues ranging from CBS News and ABC World News Tonight to NPR and the BBC; and has written for publications such as Slate, USA Today, Discover, and InfoWorld. No matter where Harry appears, you can always count on him to share his unique talent for cutting through the hype and hyperbole that surrounds the tech industry – and delivering the kind of straight talk that helps small-business owners make the most out of technology.

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