Dictionary of Banking Terms for: tender
  1. bid or request for project financing.
  2. notice by the seller of a futures contract of his intention to deliver a commodity or financial instrument.
  3. offer of payment owed to a creditor; an offer to settle up an obligation. For example, to tender a check.
  4. legal tender or cash offered in payment of an obligation.
  5. offer to purchase securities at a specified price, called a tender offer.
Dictionary of Business Terms for: tender

unconditional offer to pay or perform in full an obligation to another, together with actual presentation of the thing or sum owed, or some clear manifestation of ability to pay or perform.

Dictionary of Finance and Investment Terms for: tender
  1. act of surrendering one’s shares in a corporation in response to an offer to buy them at a set price. See also tender offer.
  2. to submit a formal bid to buy a security, as in a U.S. Treasury bill auction. See also dutch auction.
  3. offer of money or goods in settlement of a prior debt or claim, as in the delivery of goods on the due date of a futures contract.
  4. agreed-upon medium for the settlement of financial transactions, such as U.S. currency, which is labeled “legal tender for all debts, public and private.”
Dictionary of Real Estate Terms for: tender
  1. an offerto perform an obligation, together with actual performance or evidence of present ability to perform.
  2. to perform under a contract.
  3. to pay or deliver.

Example: Abel thought Baker would default under the sales contract but did not know for certain until Baker tendered the deed.

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