Dictionary of Banking Terms for: pipeline

expression for loan applications approved by a lender but not actually closed and delivered to a secondary market buyer, or held in the originator’s loan portfolio. A mortgage banker refers to loans for which he or she has a forward commitment to deliver in 30 days, 60 days, and so on, as loans in the pipeline. In the securities industry, a new issue of securities being readied for a public offering.

Dictionary of Business Terms for: pipeline
  1. line of supply or channel by which information is transmitted.
  2. conduit through which materials are transported, as in an oil pipeline.
  3. work in progress.
Dictionary of Computer and Internet Terms for: pipeline

a device within a CPU that enables it to fetch (read) instructions in advance of executing them, so that whenever an instruction is completed, the next instruction is ready to execute. This is a way of partly overcoming the Von Neumann bottleneck.

Dictionary of Finance and Investment Terms for: pipeline

term referring to the underwriting process that involves securities being proposed for public distribution. The phrase used is “in the pipeline.” The entire underwriting process, including registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission, must be completed before a security can be offered for public sale. Underwriters attempt to have several securities issues waiting in the pipeline so that the issues can be sold as soon as market conditions become favorable. In the municipal bond market, the pipeline is called the “Thirty Day Visible Supply” in the Bond Buyer newspaper.

Dictionary of Marketing Terms for: pipeline

manufacturer’s inventory that has been sold to wholesalers and retailers, but has not been bought by consumers. When this inventory leaves the manufacturer’s warehouse, the wholesaler or retailer must assume the carrying costs of the inventory. Some examples of inventory carrying costs are storage charges, the cost of capital, taxes, and insurance, and depreciation and obsolescence.

Dictionary of Real Estate Terms for: pipeline
  1. a conduit or network of pipes used to carry liquids such as water, sewage, gasoline, and oil.
    Example: Pipelines are used to carry water from the treatment plant to the kitchen faucet and oil from the refinery to storage tanks.

  2. used metaphorically of the production process, the course of completion of work in progress.
    Example: Mortgage loan applications being processed by a mortgage banker are in the pipeline.

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