homeowners insurance policy-section i (property coverage)

Dictionary of Insurance Terms for: homeowners insurance policy-section i (property coverage)
homeowners insurance policy-section i (property coverage)

section providing protection in four areas:

  1. Coverage A (Home)-the structure of the home (basic contract amount). Other property coverages in Section I are expressed as a percentage of Coverage A.
  2. Coverage B (Garage or Appurtenant Private Structures)-structures not attached to or part of the home, covered up to 10% of the basic home structure.
  3. Coverage C (Contents or Personal Property)-coverage of 40 to 50% (depending on the form selected) of the structural coverage of the home for the contents or personal property in the home; coverage of up to 10% applies to contents away from the home. For example, a home whose value is $100,000 would have coverage on the contents of $50,000 (assuming 50% contents coverage); away from home, contents coverage would be up to $5000.
  4. Coverage D (Additional Living Expenses)-coverage if the home is damaged or destroyed and the insured must seek temporary lodging. Reimbursement is 10 to 20% of the structural coverage of the home, depending on the form selected,

If, however, the insured had carried an 80% insurance to a value of $160,000, then the total loss of $50,000 would have been to the following formula:

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