appraisal report

Dictionary of Business Terms for: appraisal report
appraisal report

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describes the findings of an appraisal engagement. Reports may be presented in the following formats: restricted, summary, self-contained;

Dictionary of Real Estate Terms for: appraisal report
appraisal report

a written explanation of a property’s value, including the data and reasoning used to derive that value. Nearly all appraisal reports are written; if a report is given orally, the appraiser needs to keep written accounts of the discussion and how he derived the value estimate.


  • A 150-page self-contained appraisal report was prepared for a neighborhood shopping center to explain fully each element that was considered in estimating its value.
  • A 20-page summary report included comparable sales data.
  • A 10-page restricted report was limited to the owner’s use.