Are You Connected? You Can Be with Connected, the New Social Media Aggregator

Do you have contacts on LinkedIn?  Followers on Twitter?  Friends on Facebook?  Contacts in Gmail?  Do you have appointments with some of these contacts?  Do you try to keep up with their blog posts, tweets, birthdays, job changes, and other activities?

If you do, you probably have a bit of a problem keeping up with literally thousands of business and social contacts.  It takes time to navigate through all of the platforms.  It probably has become such an issue that you really only keep connected with a few dozen select individuals and/or companies.

There’s a new service, Connected, that offers a way to keep take all of your contacts and aggregate their activity from Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, including their blog posts, any interactions you’ve had with them on these platforms, as well as their recent Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn activity and put it at your fingertips.

Navigating Connected at first was a little confusing as not all of your contacts will appear under ‘contacts.’  Many appear under their company link instead of on the visible contact list.  Even then I had something of a problem finding a few of my contacts, although with a little detective work they were eventually all located.

A bit of a bonus if you happen to use Google Contacts, Google Voice, and/or Google Calendar, those contacts and updates can be imported and linked to the profiles in Connected also.

In addition, you can make the data in profiles into an actionable agenda that you can then have Connected email to you dailiy. 

How much time and effort will Connected save you?  That really depends on the number of platforms you are involved with and how many connections you really stay in close contact with—or that you wish to stay in contact with.

Unlike many other sites that offer resources to help you manage your social media contacts, Connected is a fee site, charging $9.99 per month with a free 14 day trial period (a nice touch by Connected, you DO NOT have to give your credit card information to get the free trial.  At the end of the trial period you’ll get an email from Connected directing you to set up your payment form.  If you don’t want to continue the service just don’t do a thing.  Much nicer than those sites that automatically charge if you don’t unsubscribe).

Is it worth the ten dollars a month?  At this point I haven’t decided as I’ve only just begun using it.  That being said, it does have some nice features (with the recognition they have more work yet to be done).  Time will tell—about 12 more days to be exact—as to whether I find it worth $120 a year.  I’d suggest, however, that take a look and a trial and decide if Connected will work for you.