Allbusiness Practical Guides

Guide To Starting a Business

A 175 page guide to starting a business covering business plans, corporations, financing, tax, HR, key contacts, legal issues and protecting your ideas and inventions. Includes 10 forms, including checklists and a Confidentiality Agreement.

Guide To Hiring Employees

A 70 page guide to hiring employees, checking references, and employee offer letters. Includes 13 sample forms, including an Employment Application, Employment Agreement (pro-employer), and Offer Letter to Prospective Employees.

Guide To Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements

A 30 page guide on Confidentiality Agreements and Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA’s). Includes 4 sample forms of Confidentiality Agreements.

Guide To Venture Capital Financings

A 45 page guide to venture capital financings, including a discussion of key negotiating issues, investor rights, Board Seats, valuation, due diligence and more. Includes 4 forms of Venture Capital term sheets and due diligence checklists/questionnaires.

Guide To Incorporation

A 145 page guide to incorporating your business, including benefits of incorporation, choosing a corporate name, key documents, capitalizing the corporation, officers and directors, taxes, laws, corporate formalities, key agreements, liability protection, and licenses. Includes 10 sample forms.

Guide To Independent Contractors and Consulting Agreements

A 50 page guide to Independent Contractor and Consulting Agreements, including discussions of key contract provisions, tax implications of hiring a consultant, confidentiality issues and “work for hire” issues. Includes 5 sample forms.

Guide To Strategic Alliances and Joint Ventures

A 50 page discussion of Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances, including the pros and cons of alliances, types of alliances, and alternatives available. Including a sample form of Letter of Intent for a Joint Venture and a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Guide To Office Leases

A 70 page discussion of Office Leases, including key negotiating terms: rent; terms of lease; permitted rules; rent escalation; assignment & subletting; options; and more. Includes 11 sample forms.

Guide To Documenting Corporate Actions & Corporate Minutes

A 48 page guide on documenting corporate actions and corporate minutes. Includes 13 sample forms, including corporate minutes, Action by Written Unanimous Consent of Board of Directors, Sample Board Resolutions, and Stock Ledger and Capitalization Summary.

Guide To Protecting Your Idea and Inventions

An 82 page guide to protecting your ideas and inventions, including discussions of patents, copyrights, trademarks and trade secrets. Includes 6 sample forms, including a Confidentiality Agreement and checklists.