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Scared businesswoman Starting a Business Scares Everyone—Not Just You
Don't let fear of starting a business hold you back. A new survey reveals the number-one tool to get over your fears—and get started on your business.
Beautiful wedding bouquet in hands of the bride 9 Must-Have Apps for Professional Wedding and Event Planners
Putting together a large event can be a complex process with a million moving parts. We share some great apps and web tools that can help your event run smoothly and keep your attendees smiling.
woman texting on mobile cellphone Building a Brand for the Future: How to Target Millennials and Generation Z
In order for businesses to be successful for years to come, entrepreneurs need to build their brands with the needs of future generations in mind. Here's how.
finding local business How Google My Business Can Get Your Business More Business
Google My Business can greatly improve your organization’s visibility and also enable you to connect with customers locally. Here's how to take advantage of it.
woman scrutinizing small man New Boss? You Need These Survival Tips
One of the biggest risks to your career is when you get a new boss. During this critical time, you must be proactive and strategic. Here are some survival tips you can use to "break in" your new boss and keep your job.
cola-with-ice ‘New Coke’ Revisited: 30 Years After Coca-Cola’s Infamous Taste Change
30 years after Coca-Cola's attempt at reformulating their legendary drink, we have a look to see how New Coke failed to ignite consumer interest.
Business Problems My Employees Aren’t Delivering . . . Now What?
Can you consistently count on each of your employees to follow through on their commitments? If not, you are certainly not alone. Here's how to ensure that your workers always deliver on time.
disappointed businessman Deal With Disappointment If You Want to Succeed in Sales
In: Sales
Successful salespeople are able to deal with disappointment—failure doesn’t immobilize them. How do you deal with disappointment and failure in sales?
thumbs down Why Hiring Someone From a Well-Known Company Can Backfire
Hiring someone from a high-profile company often seems to make great business sense, but sometimes it can backfire big time. Find out what the pitfalls are.
Cinematic Portrayal of Destroyed City Been Ignoring the Whole ‘Mobile-Friendly’ Thing? Why Mobilegeddon Might Change Your Tune
If your website isn't mobile-friendly, Google's latest algorithm, dubbed Mobilegeddon, could have serious implications.
Rowers 3 Business Lessons Your Team Can Learn From the Sport of Rowing
If you have ever been part of a business team that has "rowed the race" together over and over again, you know that it takes a lot to achieve a level of true teamwork. These three lessons will get your team there.
Businessman with Financial and Saving Issue The Frugal Entrepreneur: How Saving Money Now Pays Off Later
Saving money is definitely an exercise in delayed gratification; however, the efforts you take to save now will be well worth it later when you see your startup thriving.
Finger pointing on tablet Going Native: A Guide to Native Advertising for Small Businesses
It’s no longer enough to simply position your product in front of potential customers, cross your fingers, and hope for a hit. Now you have to earn their loyalty and trust by telling them stories they want to hear—and share.
Growing your business concept Are You Investing in Your Business?
Are you investing enough in your business? Find out what other small business owners are doing with their money and how you compare.
Businessman standing on highest cube 6 Surprising Traits That Make a Great Entrepreneur
What does it take to be successful as an entrepreneur? Nellie Akalp shares six characteristics that can help you thrive in your entrepreneurial pursuits. Some might surprise you!
virtual office concept How to Create a Virtual Office With the Help of New Technologies
Internet technology, mobile devices, and new software programs have opened the door to an entirely new world of possibilities, and chief among these is the chance to operate a virtual office.
Symbol of medicine on blue background. 3d How to Avoid Healthcare Plan Penalties While Helping Employees
No matter what you think of the Affordable Care Act, business owners have to confront it. Employers knew they would eventually have to deal with it—the time is now.
Green Business concept Going Green: How to Go Paperless at Your Business
If your office hasn’t adopted green practices yet, listen up. Here are five simple ways to reduce or eliminate paper usage within your workplace.
overwhelmed Is Your Small Business Overwhelming You? Here’s How to Get Back on Track
Have you ever gotten so overwhelmed with work and responsibilities that you feel like pulling the covers over your head and staying in bed?
assessment-concept Assess Your Business Performance From the Ground Up
Business performance evaluations not only help you know the state of your business, but help you determine which direction to take your business in.