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Review Laptop Means Check Evaluation Or Reassess Why Local Reviews Are Becoming a Best Online Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses
If you aren’t already bolstering your local reviews on third party directories, now is the time to get started. It’s a cheap, painless, highly effective strategy for branding, reputation building, and even traffic and lead generation.
Sales Process on the Metal Gears. 5 Steps to Take Control of Your Sales Process
In: Sales
When you lose control of your sales process, you’re also likely to lose the sale. Follow these five steps to take control.
gesture in duh moment 8 Common Mistakes Small Businesses Make—and How to Avoid Them
Recognizing common business mistakes and understanding how to avoid them is critical for a small business to succeed. Don't make these mistakes.
gender-gap Women and Loans: How We Can Fix the Small Business Lending Gender Gap
Despite the fact that the gender gap in business has started to close over the past few decades, there is no denying it still exists when it comes to small business lending. How can this ever present problem be fixed?
Chips and cards for poker in hand on green table How Learning to Play Poker Can Help You Run a Better Business
In many ways, poker is a lot like business. In fact, you might be surprised at how learning to play poker can help you improve your business.
CRM and customers 7 Things a Small Business Must Know About CRM
If you’re a small business owner, the one thing that remains constant is keeping your customers happy. Here are seven things you need to know when choosing a CRM.
Crazy day at the office Why You Should Encourage Your Team to Rock the Boat at Work
Cognitive diversity is the essential ingredient for better problem solving and increased productivity. But it only works when managers allow that diversity to operate freely and naturally.
web design Tips for Building a Business Website on a Budget
A quality website is an essential tool for any budding business. And building a website doesn't have to be expensive if you follow these money-saving tips.
hand press play button 7 Tips for Producing a Successful Corporate Video
Among other things, a corporate video should clearly communicate your company's unique value proposition and what makes your business better than the competition. Here are tips to create your own best film.
man doing his taxes at home Tips to Make Tax Time Less Painful
In: Taxes
Tax time can be painful--whether you prepare your own taxes or have them prepared by someone else. However, you can take some practical steps and practice habits to help alleviate the pain.
Divorce How to Handle Your Tax Return During a Divorce
In: Taxes
Many opportunities exist for making costly mistakes when filing a tax return during a divorce. Here's what to know.
tax concept Smart Tax Tips for Early Retirees
In: Taxes
Living off of a fixed income presents its own challenges, but you can help reduce them by managing how much you pay in taxes on your fixed income sources. Here are some tips to help you do that.
A list of withholding taxes from the pay stuff When Should I Change My Tax Withholding?
Whenever personal or financial changes affect your tax liability, you should change your tax withholding. Here's what you need to know.
Hand Touching Taxes Box on Touch Screen How Long Should You Keep Your Yearly Tax Returns?
In: Taxes
Each year taxpayers file tax returns reporting their income, deductions, and liabilities. Here's how long you should keep your yearly tax returns and supporting records.
businessman looking at sky What Entrepreneurs Should Do After They Sell Their Company
When the time finally comes to sell your business, you will be faced with the daunting task of what to do with perhaps the largest influx of funds in your lifetime. We offer advice on how to protect proceeds, minimize taxes, and plan for your family’s financial future.
stressed businesswoman 10 Ways Small Business Owners Can Manage Stress
Small business owners are feeling less stress than last year—but that doesn't mean they're totally chill. Try these 10 tips to manage stress.
sci-fi character in ruined environment Will the Oculus Rift Revolutionize the Gaming Industry?
The Oculus Rift will bring truly immersive virtual reality to video games in 2016. Will the gaming industry be changed forever?
businessman raising hands up 5 Steps to Making Your First Million Dollars in Business
Reaching your first million dollars in profit is an exciting milestone all entrepreneurs dream of celebrating one day. Of course, there is no guaranteed way to achieve your first million, but there are some good, basic steps to follow.
man enjoying coffee with his granddaughter Important Financial Questions to Ask Your Elderly Parents
If your parents become incapable of making financial decisions, you may need to take over their financial responsibilities. Asking your parents key financial questions now will help you to be a better caregiver.
Protect money 5 Things Retirees Should Do Now to Protect Their Assets
After a lifetime of saving money, building home equity, and contributing to individual retirement accounts (IRAs), here are steps retirees should take now to protect their assets.