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Business people shaking hands at a meeting Negotiating an Acquisition Letter of Intent
In a business acquisition, the purpose of the letter of intent is to ensure there is a “meeting of the minds” on price and key terms before both parties expend significant resources and legal fees.
businessman using laptop computer Windows 10: Should Your Small Business Upgrade to Microsoft’s Brand New OS?
Microsoft Windows 10 launches today, and is packed with new features, including major security updates, business upgrades, and a digital assistant called Cortana.
winner Fail Faster to Win More Sales
In: Sales
If you learn how to lose deals faster, you’ll be able to focus on the deals that matter most and stop wasting time and energy on the ones that don’t—and close more sales.
Money from laptop 6 Smart Ways to Increase Your E-Commerce Profits Dramatically
E-commerce marketing may seem overwhelming, but really it’s just about being a smart and consistent marketer who knows where to put resources—and where not to.
Annoyed Female Pulling Hair When Sales Prospects Don’t Like You: What Are You Going to Do About It?
In: Sales
Your prospects have expectations about buying from you. And if they've had negative experiences with you, they’re looking for ways to not buy from you to avoid duplicating that experience. What can you do?
banking loan, or cash concept 5 Ways to Save Big on Consumer Loans
Demand for consumer loans is up, but not everybody is getting a check. These five best practices will help ensure that you find the loan you need, and at the best terms.
Time for business Why You Should Let Your Employees Set Their Own Hours
Employees are happier, more productive, and incredibly loyal when they're able to achieve a reasonable work-life balance, and in turn, a positive workplace culture will help your business stand out among its competitors.
Business Team Meeting in Boardroom 6 Advantages of Having a Small Business Advisory Board
Business may be good, but of course, it can always be better. An advisory board can be an accelerant for a small business and provide strengths to counteract any weaknesses an owner might have. Consider these six advantages.
Texting How to Win the Trust and Loyalty of Today’s Mobile Customer
Brand loyalty was the sole bread and butter of company revenue until the mobile phone all but sealed the fate of brand loyalty. Is this the final nail in loyalty’s proverbial coffin?
flexible businesswoman 6 Ways for Entrepreneurs to Increase Agile Thinking
The ability to adjust your thinking to deal with changing business situations will increase your chances for success. Here's how to become an agile thinker.
Working people in the office The Value of Receivables Management for Small Businesses
What can businesses do to collect sooner, collect more successfully, and still collect the full payment due to them? Begin practicing Receivables Management.
co-branding Legal Issues to Consider When Collaborating With Other Brands
In: Legal
Collaboration or co-branding can be a fun way to increase the value of your brand. You will expose your brand to new markets, strengthen your existing brand awareness, and create additional revenue streams.
couple outside home with sold sign 10 Frequently Asked Questions About Home Inspections
Home inspections help potential home buyers weed through the lemons in the housing market and become aware of issues that need attention prior to purchase.
Think What to Consider Before Purchasing a Corporate Bond
Corporate bonds offer high returns for your investment, but you must consider the risks involved when investing in bonds. Here's what to consider before you purchase a corporate bond.
Worried about bill to pay What to Do if You Can’t Pay Your Bills
If you find yourself unable to pay your bills, there are several steps you can take to help avoid further financial damage.
Home Forclosure Sign Top 10 Tips to Buying Foreclosure Properties
Many potential home buyers believe that buying a foreclosed home is easy and inexpensive. While these homes are traditionally cheaper, some specific steps should be taken when purchasing a foreclosed home.
Credit Debt for a Business What to Do if Your Credit Card Company Lowers Your Credit Limit
Consumers have a few options when their credit card company lowers their credit limit. Here are a few of these options.
bride and groom Money Management Tips for Blended Families
If you're about to enter into blended family arrangement, communicating a money plan with your new spouse ahead of time can help ensure that you are on the same financial page and headed for a successful life together.
Credit union financial business services Pros and Cons of Joining a Credit Union
Credit unions are owned by members and are not-for-profit entities, unlike banks that are profit-focused and responsible to a board and shareholders. Here are the pros and coins of joining a credit union.
Money for budget management and investment plan Common Types of CDs for Investors
Certificates of deposit (CDs) are locked savings plans set up by banks or credit unions that promise a certain percentage of interest over time. Here are the common types of CDs.