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The I Do Kiss Marriage and Finances: What You Should Know Before You Say “I Do”
When you say “I do,” you are also saying “I do” to sharing financial responsibility. Take the time before your wedding to discuss your current financial status and your financial goals for the future.
Couple reviewing their accounts with a digital tablet 10 Tips for Developing a Household Budget
A household budget is an effective way to keep track of your finances, avoid debt and overspending, and help you save money. The following are tips to develop your household budget.
Senior Couple Concerned About Debt Going Through Bills Together Top 10 Money Mistakes That Retirees Make
Retirees need to be smart consumers if they are going to make retirement the best possible time of their lives. Avoiding these 10 mistakes can help.
A card reading Life insurance Top 5 Life Insurance Mistakes
Some common misconceptions and mistakes when purchasing life insurance can lead to being underinsured, having the wrong coverage, and experiencing a decline in living standards. Here are the top five life insurance mistakes to avoid.
Guests Throwing Confetti Over Bride And Groom How to Have a Wedding on a Budget
Even simple weddings can be too costly for some couples and their families. Here are some ideas for throwing a wedding on a tight budget.
Man Examining and Repairing Rotten Leaking House Roof How Can Weatherizing My House Save Me Money?
Weatherizing your home and improving energy efficiency can reduce heating costs by about 32 percent and overall energy costs by $350 per year. Here's what to know.
Divorce Money Management 101 for the Newly Divorced
After a divorce is finalized, life does not stop. Bills must be paid, taxes prepared, and you may need to budget and spend more carefully. Here are money management tips for life after divorce.
Government icon Best Government Websites for Financial Information
If you're searching for sound and accurate financial information, it is always wise to go straight to the source -- the government agency responsible for creating, administering, and overseeing the laws of the country.
Happy couple Top 7 Financial Questions to Ask Your Spouse-To-Be Before Getting Married
Before you get married, it is important for you and your partner to have a frank discussion about your financial goals and habits. Here are the top seven questions that should be discussed.
Businessman Holding Piggy Bank Top 10 Financial Habits to Cultivate
It's important that you develop healthy financial habits that will lay the foundation for a solid financial future. Here are 10 financial habits that you must cultivate.
Financial Calculations How to Stop Living From Paycheck to Paycheck
If you are living paycheck to paycheck and want to start saving, here's how to break the pattern and make saving a part of your financial plan.
Efficiency increase 4 Ways To Be More Efficient At Work
While some people seem to be born with an innate sense of efficiency, most people have to work at increasing their on-the-job productivity. Here are four tips to be more efficient at work.
man with pen Your Ultimate Guide to Business Writing
Whether it's creating a business plan, or composing a letter to a potential client, here are common types of writing you may encounter as a business owner. Use this guide as your starting point.
marriage Top 10 Financial Considerations Before Getting Married
Money tends to be one of the biggest stresses for married couples. Before you take a walk to the altar, be sure to go over this financial checklist.
Concept of teamwork 8 More Great Office Collaboration Tools for Your Team
We highlight eight great online tools that can help your team collaborate and manage projects more effectively. Whatever your business needs, one of these tools is sure to be the right fit.
Child holding mother's hand 5 Things Parenting Teaches You About Entrepreneurship
You might be surprised what lessons you can learn about running a business if you’re a parent! Nellie Akalp, a small business owner and mother of four, shares what parenting has taught her about entrepreneurship.
Very busy business 8 Ways to Prepare Friends and Family for Your Busy Entrepreneurial Schedule
As a first-time entrepreneur, you probably have a crazy schedule and an unreliable income. Take these precautions to ensure that life as a business owner doesn't negatively impact your relationships with loved ones.
Businessperson ready to start compete The Best Places to Start a Business (and Where Not to)
Where are the best places to start a business? Learn which cities can give your startup a head start (and which ones to steer clear of).
short break for exercise in offce work 5 Ways to Ergonomically Optimize Your Workspace
When you spend your workdays sitting at a computer, you may not even realize how much strain your position and repetitive movements are putting on your body. Here’s how to give you and your office an ergonomic makeover.
bonds The 4 Rules of Bond Investing
For any investor considering investing in bonds, there are some important things to know beforehand. We present the four key bond investing rules to follow.