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Team-making-jigsaw-puzzle Tips for Better Collaboration as Your Staff Grows
In a complex business with various teams, managers, and groups, how can you improve collaboration between departments and make it a strength, as opposed to a glaring weakness? Here's how.
Businesswoman works on a creative business idea The Importance of Nurturing Creativity in Your Business
Business creativity—looking for better ways to improve systems, products, and services—should be nurtured, practiced, and respected. Encouraging creativity can take your company from good to great to astonishingly fantastic.
press-release 6 Reasons You Need Personal PR Now
A lot of entrepreneurs and executives shy away from PR and using the press to create their own personal brands, and that is a huge mistake. Here's why getting personal PR is extremely important for you.
financial chart going down Missed Sales Goals? You Have Choices to Make
In: Sales
You have a few choices if any member of your sales team isn't making their sales goals. You could fire people, or you could make changes that will help them sell. We vote for making changes—here’s how.
Abstract international gold credit card. Business illustration Looking for Business Credit? Your Personal Credit Matters
Don't ignore your personal credit. If you are applying for business credit, know that lenders will also check your personal credit history when making decisions about whether to extend you business credit.
public relations concept 10 Unforgettable PR Campaigns
In the last 100-plus years, there have been multiple PR campaigns that made a huge impact, and that are still remembered today. Here are 10 great campaigns that everyone will remember.
Random colorful English alphabet 6 Tips for Brainstorming Your Company Name
Coming up with a perfect company name can take a lot of brainpower, testing, and patience. We asked six entrepreneurs to share their best advice for choosing the right name for your business.
Business man looking at bright light bulb in the wall Innovator or Entrepreneur: Which One Are You?
Innovators have great ideas, while entrepreneurs see potential risks as challenges — as adventures on the pathway to success. Instead of being held back by the risk of failure, they are motivated and inspired to try even harder.
man stands still whilst people move quickly around him Why Agility Is the Key to Method’s Sales Success
In: Sales
In 2010, when Method Founder and CEO Paul Jackson set out to build a sales team for his software business, he made a costly assumption based on a widely held notion of sales. Turning his software solution into a top-rated app would require Paul to turn that assumption on its head.
Zachary-Burkes Making Medication Access Safer: Q&A with Zachary Burkes
Entrepreneur Zachary Burkes draws from a personal experience to fuel the growth of his product, Safer Lock, which secures prescription medications.
Innovation Concept What Really Drives Innovation at Work?
Innovation isn’t born in the strategy, the process, or the code — it’s born in the people you hire. Here's how to create a culture of innovation in your business.
Difficult path like for a businessman 5 Reasons Why Embracing Risk is the Entrepreneur’s Unexpected Edge
If you have the courage to embark on your own entrepreneurial journey, you will need a unique advantage to succeed. Entrepreneurial success starts with identifying a worthy risk, and then having the courage to take it.
brand positioning How to Position Your Brand With a Metaphor
Metaphors are powerful branding devices. They add context to your brand and create a mental picture that helps to make your brand easier to understand, easier to talk about, and easier to share.
Man cleaning a car Want to Save Money? Maintain Your Car
One of the best things you can do to save money over time is properly maintain your possessions, and this is especially true of car maintenance. If you properly maintain your car, it can provide you with years of service, without breaking the bank.
Start Up 30 Hot Fintech Startups You Should Be Watching
Are you looking for some innovative solutions for your business? Take a look at these 30 Fintech startups, all of which are changing the financial industry.
airport 3 Reasons Virgin America’s Brand Experience Is Beating United Airlines
Flying used to be fun -- today it’s more of a test of one’s ability to overcome adversity. That’s in part why a Virgin America flight made such an impression on me, as both a branding consultant and a frequent flyer.
thinking Do You Have a Strategic Exit Plan? 5 Reasons You Need One
Some entrepreneurs go into business with the intent to build, sell, and move on. Others spend decades building and running their businesses. Regardless of your intentions, it's essential to have a strategic exit plan in mind.
thinking about vacation How Much Vacation Do Your Employees Need to Be More Productive?
While remote and flexible working hours have revolutionized the workplace, when it comes to staff vacations, we’ve not come quite so far. If you truly want the best from your employees, make sure they have time to recharge.
social media Don’t Be a Social Media Marketing Dropout
Small business owners say social media marketing works — but they're still doing less of it than last year. What gives?
Internet and domain names concept How to Monetize Your Unused Web Domains and Earn Cash
Do you have any domains that you've registered and planned to develop, but haven't gotten around to doing so? Redirecting domains is a fast, simple way to monetize these domains. Find out how here.