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happy businessman Small Business Outlook: Happy Days Are Here Again
What's the small business outlook for 2015? According to a new survey from RocketLawyer, everything's coming up roses for entrepreneurs this year.
Business man with graph and dollar signs Invest: Put Your Money to Work for You
Smart business owners know they need to let their money do some of the work of building a solid financial future. Make sure you are taking some of your business income and investing it wisely.
businessman hurdling Overcoming Small Business Challenges
What are the chief challenges entrepreneurs face when just starting out? There are many, but three in particular can sink your fledgling small business if you're not careful.
tax clocking nearing midnight 10 Strategies to Make Tax Season Less Stressful
In: Taxes
If you are exhausted and stressed out every year from filing your taxes at the last minute, we offer practical strategies to implement now so that next year's tax season is smooth sailing.
gold fish Blog Posts Are So 2014 – 11 Cutting Edge Alternatives
Go beyond the blog! Keep ahead of your competition by trying one of these 11 new technologies and content marketing strategies to help you connect with hordes of new potential customers.
Door to door salesman Advice To Salespeople: Quit Weak Brands
In: Sales
Life is too short to sell a weak brand. They hinder your earning and career potential. Choose to work for companies that have strong brands—companies that stand out, attract customers, and have a strong presence in the market.
Ball and pool player 5 Tips That Will Put ‘Reverse English’ on Your Cash Flow
What does a pool hall shooting technique have to do with your small business? Your business isn’t getting first-class cash flow if you fail to put the right spin on the ball.
Stressed Man At Desk 5 Mistakes That People With Emotional Intelligence Never Make
When we’re emotionally intelligent, we have mastered our emotions—and that's no easy task. Avoid these mistakes to keep your personal brand strong.
paying with credit card A Merchant’s Quick Guide to Credit Card Surcharging
The practice of credit card surcharging and the rules that control it can be quite baffling. This quick guide will help you know if surcharging is right for your business.
stressed businessman 3 Steps for Less Stress at Work
Are you stressed at work? Who isn’t? But your ability to manage work-related stress is critical to your productivity levels and overall physical and mental health.
watching television 11 TV Shows Every Entrepreneur Should Watch
Next time you’re about to drop from the exhaustion of your busy entrepreneurial life, enjoy some guilt-free down time with a few of these (at least somewhat) educational shows for entrepreneurs.
tax concept Prepare Your Small Business for Tax Time
In: Taxes
Whether you decide to outsource your tax tasks or perform them in house, arm yourself with the relevant knowledge to make sure your business complies as well as saves time and money. Here are a few resources to get you started.
Leaving-job 5 Ways to Ensure Your Employees Never Quit
It doesn’t matter how big or how small your organization is—employee retention is always a concern. Keep your best talent working for you with these tips.
Hand with a marker isolated over white How I Lost Respect for an Executive Because of a Red Pen
Unfortunately, there is still an emphasis on what is on the surface, not what is below. That is why I lost respect for one executive eager to make spelling and grammar corrections but not much else.
Man in a suit being interviewed Personalize Your Organization’s Media Relations Efforts
Media relations isn't easy because it's all about building relationships, which take time. When approached like you would dating, it's much more successful.
successful-businesswoman Your Leadership Title Doesn’t Mean You’re a Leader
Leadership is much more than just having a fancy title and saying the right things. Small business expert Denise O’Berry discusses the traits a true leader must possess to run a company effectively.
feather Social Media Giants Facebook and Twitter Facing Radical Evolution
For Facebook and Twitter, life is never dull. Alex Morris reviews a spate of interesting new features, business tie-ins, and unusual announcements from the two social media giants.
Waiting-for-interview Aptitude vs. Attitude: Which Is More Important in a New Hire?
‘‘Hire for attitude, train for skills’’ is the latest catchphrase, yet more businesses are facing a shortage of skilled entry-level workers. So what's more important in a new hire: aptitude or attitude?
analyzing chart Do You Ever Hate Being an Entrepreneur?
What do you love—and hate—about being an entrepreneur? Here are some ideas for how to get more enjoyment out of even your least-favorite tasks.
businessman strapped to rocket Create a Competitive Edge: Marketing Your Way to Success
To win you need an edge—a distinct advantage over your competition that pushes you into the lead and keeps you ahead of your opponent. Proactive marketing is the key.