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2. The Soup Nazi

Remember The Soup Nazi episode of "Seinfeld"? You were on the Soup Nazi's side.

You do what you do well -- better, in fact, than anyone else. You expect nothing but perfection from yourself and demand the same of your employees, the wholesalers you deal with, your vendors, etc. Every mistake, every missed detail drives you crazy. You are like a fine artist, and your business is your canvas; or a great athlete and your business the sport; or a highly skilled surgeon ... you get the point.

The pity of it is your talent is wasted on your customers, who are very disappointing. Most of them are idiots. They don't know what they want, don't know what they need, can't make decisions, and worst of all they do nothing but whine. Frankly, they aren't good enough for you, and as for their concerns and complaints -- well, you don't give a damn. You've got work to do.



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